Weight Loss Through Malnutrition Can Kill You – Balancing Healthy Nutrition With Exercise is the Key

Nutrition and weight loss are the two sides of the same coin. Those, who understand their body and its requirements well, will understand this rule. Still, some people do not seem to understand this because they simply choose to starve their bodies and deprive it of all the necessary nutrition in an attempt to lose weight.Though they may lose a few pounds by such crash dieting, that is not a healthy way of losing weight and will only bring in its wake minor or even major health problems. To understand how body nutrition and weight loss are intricately connected, you should first of all understand the human body’s functioning mechanism.The food a human being consumes is the mandatory fuel that the body needs to keep functioning. Energy is produced by the burning of this body fuel. When you take the right amount of food, most of it will be burned off as fuel to produce the necessary energy. The problem arises when food intake is more than what the body requires.This excess fuel is stored by the body as body fat. Though fat is no appearance enhancer, it is a form of insulation for the body and also a reserve on which the body can fall back during the times when it does not get enough food. Once you understand this fuel storage mechanism of the body, you will understand how nutrition and weight loss are interconnected.What you need to do to manage weight loss is minimize the possibility of food getting turned into storage fat. Plan your diet in such a way that there is enough of proteins in it, and enough of fruits and vegetables, and diet nutrition supplements to make up for anything that could be lacking.For weight controlling it is always better to have smaller meals at frequent intervals to increase the fuel efficiency of the body. And proper amount of exercises should also be added to it to balance the whole nutrition and weight loss equation the right way.Having in place a diet and exercise regimen that is not too demanding is the first step to get started on a weight loss program. A short workout daily in the morning, or at least three times a week, and smaller meals are enough as a starting point. Do not expect to see any sudden change in weight for it will take time for the effects to be seen in the body.The results are seen only after the body finishes removing the unwanted reserves, and steadily consumes all of the fuel that is being provided to it on a daily basis. But sooner or later the effects are bound to be seen in the form of a healthier, energetic body without fat deposits all over.

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